Microbial Genes Adjacency Visualization Software (mGENAVIS)

This software is for encoding, visualizing and reporting the relative transcription direction of the two adjacent genes to each gene in a microbial genome.


  • Download genome annotation file(s) (mGENAVIS currently processes files with extension RefSeq.cds.tab) from ftp://ftp.patricbrc.org/patric2/patric2_archive/genomes/
  • Upload the genome annotation files using the Choose File button. To add more files for processing use the Add File button.
  • Click on Process Files to generate a visualization and binary encoding of the genome(s) selected.
  • Download the type of output you need! The Download Output (PDF) button generates a PDF output of the visualization while Download Output (Textfile) button generates the binary encoding as a tab delimited text file.
  • The text file could be further processed with software that allow for data analytics procedures such as visual analytics, statistical analysis and modeling & simulation.

Sample Input Files

Two Mycobacterium tuberculosis genomes

Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv

Mycobacterium tuberculosis CDC1551

Sample Output Files



Analyze Genome(s)

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